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Our mission

Make real estate transactions
dead simple

Buying and selling properties in Canada shouldn't be so complicated. We're on a mission to simplify the process by pairing modern technology with top tier service.

Robert, CEO and Co-Founder
Joel, COO and Co-Founder
Ben, CLO and Co-Founder

Our story starts
with a condo purchase

The idea for Doormat was born when Robert, one of our co-founders, bought his condo and experienced first-hand how antiquated the property closing process was. As a first time home buyer, the excitement of his offer being accepted was quickly dampened as he worked with a traditional law firm to close the deal. His experience was riddled with endless email chains, a confusing process, and unclear pricing.

As a software engineer, his problem-solving mindset knew there had to be a better way, so he decided to build it. He brought on Ben (a real estate lawyer) and Joel (an experienced entrepreneur) as co-founders, who had both experienced the pain of the outdated industry and immediately bought into the Doormat vision. Together they set out to bring real estate law into the 21st century.

Our partners

We can’t do it alone

Our business wouldn’t be possible without our amazing referral partners. Our network is made up of some of the most trusted agents, brokers, and companies in Canada. If you’re interested in working with us, please join our referral network.

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More than just a lawyer

Our service wouldn’t be complete without our marketplace partners. They give our clients access to great deals on products and services they actually need around the time of a move. If you’re interested in being a part of our marketplace, please reach out.

Meet our team

Robert Saunders, Co-Founder & CEO

Robert Saunders

Co-Founder & CEO

[email protected]

Joel Fox, Co-Founder & COO

Joel Fox

Co-Founder & COO

[email protected]

Benjamin Berry, Co-Founder & Principal Lawyer

Benjamin Berry*

Co-Founder & Principal Lawyer

[email protected]

LSO #72474T

Ross Hill, Software Engineer

Ross Hill

Software Engineer

[email protected]

Camille Archer, Client Success Manager

Camille Archer

Client Success Manager

[email protected]

Joey Tepperman, Software Engineer

Joey Tepperman

Software Engineer

[email protected]

Ed Carmichael, Lawyer

Ed Carmichael*


[email protected]

LSO #81629F

Justin White, Senior Product Designer

Justin White

Senior Product Designer

[email protected]

Ellie Edwards, Product Designer

Ellie Edwards

Product Designer

[email protected]

Noah Ifergan, Intern

Noah Ifergan


[email protected]

*This team member is a LSO licensee and is engaged by Doormat to provide legal services.