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Aug 15, 2022

5 Interior Design Trends to Consider for Your New Home

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Congratulations! You’ve purchased your new house and you are ready to begin transforming it into your dream home. Choosing your interior design style can be a daunting task, especially if you are starting from scratch with a new build or complete renovation. We’ve compiled some of the most popular design trends from 2022 to help you understand each style and its components, along with elements that you can play with to create your own unique design. 

Your first step is to find out what your own tastes and interior design preferences are. Once you look through many types and styles, you can identify elements that you like. If none of these trends feel uniquely you, don’t despair! It is great to mix and learn from different styles. Ultimately, your home should be a reflection of you and contain memories, treasures, and sentimental pieces that are uniquely yours. 

How to Mix Design Trends like a Pro

So you’ve found two design trends you love and you are ready to begin combining them into your home. A popular rule to balance the designs would be to follow the 80/20 rule to dictate how much you want to mix and match. Identify which style is your favourite, and which style will be the supporting trend. 80% of your design should focus around your favourite style, with 20% of the design coming from your supporting trend. Play with the styles to find something uniquely your own.

Tip for blending styles: Focus on what the styles have in common and build elements from there. You can unify a space with contrast, such as colour, shape, material, pattern and texture. 

Trend 1: Eclectic 

eclectic interior design

The Eclectic style is the perfect design trend for those who love to mix elements, are bringing numerous pieces with them into their new home, and like to layer various design inspirations. The Eclectic style is defined by its mismatch of style, texture, old & new, and patterns to create a cohesive room or space. A broad use of elements is allowed, which showcases the varied aesthetics within. This style is perfect for you to bring in pieces you love and build spaces around that, instead of trying to make them fit. You can tie in influences from around the world in wall hangings, carpets, and art, with the flexibility to bring in pieces from different time eras as well. 

Check out Troy Sivan’s home in Vogue Australia for a perfect example of the Eclectic style.

Inspiration for the Eclectic Style

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  4. Check out @studiobrie on TikTok for design based inspiration!

Trend 2: Japandi


Another design trend that encourages the fusion of different styles is Japandi. This style has taken off in 2022 with its nod to minimalism in the combination of Japanese and Scandinavian influences. Think clean lines, minimalism, white tones, and warm woods. There are many organic shapes at play within this design, and an emphasis on connection to the earth through warm and neutral tones in the colour palette. 

This trend is a perfect example of focusing on similarities when combining two different design trends. The Japanese style of minimalist, natural beauty and imperfection is combined flawlessly with the Scandinavian tones of warm atmospheres, balance, and respect for craftsmanship. Together they create a design trend that truly follows the less is more philosophy that showcases the materials used to create furniture and art.

Inspiration for the Japandi Style

Trend 3: Art Deco

art deco interior

Looking for a nod back to the past in your designing? The Art Deco trend originated over a century ago, but has made a strong resurgence in the past few years due to its bold colours, high-end finishes and playfulness with patterns. This style debuted in 1925 at the Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes in Paris. As a nod to modern technology, Art Deco encourages you to bring in all things new, exotic, glamorous and dramatic. To get the chic look of the 1920’s in your own home, look to incorporate bold statements of geometry, symmetry, and metallics throughout your furniture and decor. Think opulence, elegance, and all that glitters when planning your layout.

“Art Deco style revels in its Industrial Revolution roots through oversized furnishings made of metal featuring pointed edges, arched tops, mirrored finishes and jagged corners. Miami Beach has perfected the Art Deco style through bold geometry, symmetry, rich colours and glamorous details.” - designer Kerrie Kelly

Inspiration for Art Deco Style

Trend 4: Organic Modern 

organic modern interior

If you are looking to turn your home into an oasis of calm and tranquility through nature, look no further than Organic Modern. This style gently weaves together crisp whites and clean lines with organic silhouettes, natural textures, and neutral colours. Organic Modern heavily favours nature-inspired elements, sustainable textiles, and neutral tones. Those who are into a more minimalist, modern space should consider this trend for an effortless atmosphere and cozy yet sophisticated design.

Elements to Consider Incorporating: Outdoor like overgrown plans, textured stone and ceramics, live edge/raw wood, natural marble and stone, rattan/cane furniture, and heavily textured art

“The vibe for organic modern design is warm, inviting, and natural. This style can be minimal with clean lines but intentional with its use of organic materials and textures. Similar to Scandinavian decor, this style uses light-toned woods paired with darker accents. It brings the organic elements from nature inside while highlighting comfortability.”

This style does not tend to lend itself to those who like to keep their personal collections of knick-knacks and treasures on display. In order to keep the clean lines and colour palate of the Organic Modern trend, consider tucking away anything that doesn’t fit the intentional simplicity of this design. Don’t want to compromise showing off your unique collections throughout your whole home? Organic Modern can be a strong base to build your design style on, while incorporating the 80/20 rule with another trend to bring in the elements or colours that you want.

Inspiration for Organic Modern Style

Trend 5: Midcentury Modern

midcentury modern interior

Our final design trend takes us back in time to a post World War Two era that blends technology, innovation, and the spirit of optimism for a new world entering the 1950s. Midcentury Modern invokes clean lines, functionality within the family home and a simplicity in its design that mirrored the lifestyles of many growing into the 1960s. This design trend was one of the first to stray from the more ornate styles predicating it, such as Art Deco, and inspired many of the minimalist trends popular today. You will be drawn towards this design trend if you enjoy highlighting wood elements in your home, hunting for antiques from the era to make the elements feel authentic, or are hoping to highlight existing pieces in your collection that fit this era of design. There is an emphasis on function, with this trend originating from the desire to be accessible to anyone, and fit into any home.

Elements to Consider Incorporating: Wood finishes (teak, rosewood, oak), tension between materials such as metal, glass, and vinyl, curved furnishings, unique shapes, colour as accents in wallpaper or furniture

Midcentury Modern is all about functionality. "Every piece serves a purpose and beyond, casting shadows on the days where rooms were beholden to being used once a year for a special occasion due to their ornate, elaborate design." - designer Becky Shea 

Inspiration for the Midcentury Modern Style