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Real Estate Law

Jan 26, 2023

Why choose Doormat?

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Let’s face it, the real estate industry is going through a significant transformation. We have access to way more information than we ever did before (check out HouseSigma to see the sales history of every house in your area), we can get a mortgage quote with just a few clicks of a mouse (check out our friends over at Perch), and you can get a tour of a home without ever going there (see any number of 3D tour software companies). The only part of the real estate industry that hasn’t kept up with this rapid pace of change is real estate law. And by that, I mean the lawyers that take your property from offer to ownership transfer. That’s why we started Doormat.

Traditional real estate law firms

A typical experience with a real estate lawyer would involve a lot of phone calls, emails, in-person meetings, and sometimes even faxes (yep, fax machines still exist). You’d likely hear a lot of legal jargon, vagueness around pricing policies, and a whole lot of nothing when it comes to progress updates. Also, good luck keeping track of everything with information spread across multiple different channels of communication. At Doormat, we tackle every single one of these issues as we personally felt the pain when buying our own homes. 

So, why Doormat?

  • Find everything you need in one place. When you work with Doormat, you get your own personalized dashboard where all your documents are stored and you can track the progress of your transaction from offer to close.

  • Get transparent, upfront pricing. We tell you our fee before you commit to working with us. We also help you to understand all the different costs associated with buying or selling a property.

  • We translate the legal jargon for you. We keep things simple and explain every question we ask, document we provide, or task we assign you along the way. 

  • Get support on your terms. Self-serve through our extensive help article database or connect with us via phone, text, email, or chat from 8am to 8pm, Monday to Friday.

  • Close on your property from anywhere. Our services are completely virtual, meaning you don’t have to meet us in person. 

  • Access our partnership marketplace. Doormat clients get great deals from amazing brands like ecobee and Rove Concepts to help make your move more affordable.

Now that’s everything we do that’s different. Here’s what’s the same - you’ll have an experienced lawyer working on your property closing from beginning to end. This is a legal requirement in Ontario and Doormat is no exception. We believe in the value that a lawyer provides in a property transaction, we just believe that value can be packaged up into a much better experience. 

Now what?

So, you’re buying, selling, or refinancing a property and you need a real estate lawyer? Choose Doormat. 99.9% of the options available to you will successfully close your property transaction, and we’re no different in that sense. It’ll just be a much more pleasant experience where you feel informed, supported, and calm. Click here to get started.