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May 16, 2023

Introducing Doormat Partners - our official partner program

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Today we’re excited to launch our official partner program called Doormat Partners. Real estate professionals will now be able to track their clients property closings through notifications and a personalized dashboard, save their clients money by offering them a discount on Doormat services, and access the Doormat team for legal questions. 

Why we built this program

Doormat is committed to making real estate transactions simple and we recognize that, for our clients, we’re not the only people they work with throughout the course of their transaction. We play a pivotal role in the completion of transactions and can simplify the process and experience for more than just our clients. We are uniquely positioned to provide additional value and visibility to the rest of our clients support network, such as their real estate agent or mortgage broker. By bringing our clients support network into the Doormat platform, we also improve the overall client experience by ensuring that everyone involved in the transaction is on the same page.

Why become our partner

Doormat is making real estate law simple and you now have an opportunity to be a part of our mission to do that. Since launching publicly in February we’ve closed residential real estate transactions all across Ontario and have received numerous of glowing reviews about our differentiated service delivery. We know that real estate professionals are constantly striving to provide what is best for their clients, so there is no better time for them to add Doormat to the list of services they recommend to give their clients the closing experience they deserve.

Partner benefits

When you create your partner account with Doormat you immediately get access to the benefits that come with being a Doormat Partner:

  1. Offer your clients an exclusive discount on their property closing

  2. Access our legal team for support on your client transactions at anytime

  3. Get visibility into your clients closings through notifications and your personal dashboard

  4. Get marketing opportunities to profile both yourself and your business

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How to become a partner

If you are a real estate professional, starting today you can visit to create your partner account and begin referring your clients to Doormat. If you’d rather get a run through of the Doormat platform before creating your partner account you can book a demo here.

We’re incredibly excited to evolve our platform with this launch and look forward to continue to build solutions for real estate professionals that make their lives easier.