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Mar 20, 2023

Welcoming Bruno Roldan del Bosque as a Doormat advisor

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We’re so excited to announce that we have added Bruno Roldan del Bosque to our advisory group! As the former VP of Growth at Shopify, Bruno brings deep experience in online marketing and will be integral to our client acquisition efforts at Doormat.   

Having worked at Shopify for nine years, Bruno played a key role in building out the company's customer acquisition strategy and practices. He was a co-founder of the Toronto Shopify office and one of the first ‘Shopifolk’ to be on the Growth team, before ultimately taking over its leadership as VP. 

Prior to Shopify, Bruno built out his expertise as an online marketing connoisseur at Kijiji and consulting on Search Engine Marketing at Non Linear Creations. He also has a background in real estate, having found a real estate SAAS company during university and operating as a real estate agent.   

Since leaving Shopify, Bruno has become a Founding Partner at We Are Nomads and the CMO of Super Magic Taste. In addition to his own companies, Bruno provides his guidance and expertise to businesses in the real estate space where online marketing can be a key acquisition channel. 

With his experience building and running Growth at Shopify and deep expertise in the world of real estate, Bruno is a perfect fit for the Doormat advisory team. With our first advisor, Erin Bury, supporting with brand marketing and communication strategy, Bruno rounds out our marketing expertise with a particular focus on growth through online channels. As we continue on our mission to become Canada’s real estate lawyer, marketing will be a key part of our business and with Erin and Bruno on board, we know we have the guidance and support of true experts.

We’re honoured to welcome Bruno to the team!